Pet Portraits FAQ

What is a Pet Portrait

Pet portraits are a form of memorabilia that you can put in your room, sala, main door, or by the stairs. Whereas before, animal painters would manually create the portraits, now we are able to use digital technology and advanced graphic design to print out exact replicas of your pets on the canvas. Modern pet portraits are more creative, dynamic, and are much faster to create. We offer 3 styles of pet portraits, including: 

1) Renaissance 

The head of the image is a real camera shot of your pet while the neck down to the upper body area are creative adaptations of historical figures in the Renaissance period including nobility, religious leaders, and military officers. 

2) Memorial

Memorial pet portraits, as their name suggests, are for honoring a deceased pet. Depending on the text that you want to be placed with the picture of your pet, they can be used in wake ceremonies and funerals or can be hung on the walls of your house.   

3) Vector

If you’re looking for a simple and neat-looking portrait of your pet, then you should go with vector portraits. These are featured by a singular color background and thick borderlines to really emphasize your pet’s picture. And as a finishing touch, your pet’s name is added on top of his/her head. 


What Materials are used in Creating a Pet Portrait?

Depending on the type of the portrait that you want to get, you can have 3 choices for materials. 

a) Digital

If you wish to order digital copies, you can pay online and a link for downloading the pet portrait will be sent to you. Digital portraits are convenient to have and can readily be posted on your social media accounts. 

b) Frame

These offer a more traditional feel because of the use of solid wood frame. The wooden frame adds a nice earthy texture and somehow pays homage to the traditional methods of portrait creation. It comes with felt bumpers and also a wire hanger.

c) Canvas

This is constructed from an artist-grade poly-cotton blend canvas. It also has a hard, high-density wood fiberboard and a plastic frame. If you’re looking for a modern feel for portrait materials, then you should go with canvas. Gone are the days when plastic was thought of as cheap. Modern technology has now enabled the creation of highly durable, stylish, and environmentally friendly plastic materials.


How long will a Pet Portrait Last?

All types of pet portraits actually are built for longevity. Digital portraits are practically a permanent file that can never be lost as long as you store them properly online or on your computer. 

Frame portraits are covered with acrylic - a completely see-through plastic that is also tough. In fact, it is so tough that it is used in creating submarine windows. This feature protects it from molds, and excessive air humidity.

Canvas portraits, being constructed out of poly-cotton blend, are far more durable than those made out of ordinary cloth. Polycotton is a mixture of polyester and cotton, basically a blend of synthetic and natural fibers. Polycotton are resistant to shrinkage and tears. They are less affected by humidity and so they are able to retain the original colors applied to them, throughout the years.

Why should you buy a Pet Portrait? 

When you think about it, portraits immortalize your beloved pet. We all know that pets have shorter lifespans than us and they will pass away in 20 years or less. We, humans, also have a limited memory and we tend to forget the exact appearance of our loved ones that have passed away for a long time. The last thing you would want is for the memory of your pet to slip into obscurity.

Pet Portraits offer a solution to the above dilemma. These are tangible and durable memorabilia that you can place at your house, as you would with family portraits. With pet portraits, you don’t have to spend hours looking for pictures of your pet that you saved on your phone or computer. One glance towards the wall and immediately you see the image of a very special being that has become part of your life. 

If you’re a man, you don’t have to feel embarrassed if you want to put a pet portrait in your man cave alongside your foosball machine, trophies, and sports TV. Think of it as like the cream of the crop, a symbolic image of another being that has loved you unconditionally. 

And because they can last for many decades, they can actually function as modern-day heirlooms. So long after your pet has passed away, you are still able to keep a tangible memory of them IN FULL COLOR. Your pet pictures and videos on your phone can get corrupted or accidentally deleted but pet portraits can stand the test of time and can be shared to your kids or even grandkids.