Six Ways to Get An Awesome Shot for a Pet Portrait

Show some treats to your pet

When you want to take a look of excitement from your pet, show him his favorite treat. His pupils are gonna dilate, he’s gonna swallow, and he’s gonna follow you around until you give him his crunchies. This is gonna make it a lot easier for you to have that picture.  


Take her out for a Walk 

Pets are like humans. They love the sunshine. And they love taking a walk during a good day. If you want to put the perked up look in her portrait, take her out to the park, let her run and enjoy the sunshine. And then you take a picture of her. 


Let Him Play with his Doll Enemy

All pets have their doll nemesis and this harmless, lifeless object will be the key in bringing out the “tough” facial expression from your pet. Of course, you cannot hire a stranger to come into your house just so your pet can bring out the gangster expression. 


Take a Picture of them When They’re Resting

If you’re after the regal or royal look, then wait for your pet to be in a resting position before you take a picture of him. When pets are in a relaxed state, they will look calm which is perfect look for that “royal pet” effect 


Steal a Picture While They’re Sleeping

When you want the funny look for your pet’s portrait, try sneaking into their space while they’re sleeping. Most likely, you’re gonna find your pet drooling, having a dream, curled up in an awkward-looking position, etc. Make sure to turn off your camera’s flash so that you can capture the image without disturbing your pet.