Tips on How To Get a Good Shot for a Baby Portrait

When they’re Sleeping

If you’re going for that peaceful and innocent baby look, then sleep is one of the best moments to take a picture of them. You’re gonna have their full cooperation so it will be much easier for you. For this purpose, it’s better to let your baby sleep on the floor so you can get great angles for your shots. The baby crib has fences that get in the way of your lens so it’s better on the open floor.


When Playing With Them

Babies look happy and energetic when you’re playing with them. This is a good time for you to get the bubbly look. Just don’t put the camera too close to their face, otherwise, they might get scared with the flash and you’ll end up with a “crying baby” look. 

Playing with your baby allows you to get the “tonge-out” look or “shrieking laughter look.” Make sure there’s enough storage on your phone so that you can later on select the pictures that are best-looking. 

Customized Line Art Baby Portrait

When They’ve Just Woken Up

Babies spend a lot of their time crying. If you get the chance to see your baby having just woken up but surprisingly looking fresh, it might be good to preserve this rare moment by taking a picture of your baby’s face and turning it into a portrait. 

Your baby might still look a bit sleepy. He might look a bit disoriented. Either way, he’s gonna show a unique look of cuteness so go ahead and take a picture.


After they’ve been fed

Aside from sleep, babies feel relaxed and calm after feeding because their biological need has been fulfilled. If you’re going for a peaceful look from your baby but one in which he’s awake, then take a shot after you’ve just fed him.  

Personalized Line Art Baby Portrait

While Carrying Him on Your Arms

Here, you would need the assistance of your husband. Babies feel really safe in the arms of their mother. It might be a good idea to take a video instead of a picture so that you get a real-time shot of your baby’s facial reactions. Just make sure the camera or phone you’re using has a high resolution and high pixel capacity so that you get a clear image when you pause the video and take screenshots.