Top 5 Most Famous Royalty Pets in History

Pets, and domesticated animals as a whole, have always been a part of human history. From the wild cattle that were tamed and paved the way for agriculture, to the personal horses that were bred for royal people and military officers, to the African mice that were trained to detect land mines in Cambodia, and of course all the millions of cats and dogs that are providing joy to their human owners. 

Modern-day pets are so loved by their owners that royalty pet portraits are a very popular way to memorialize them. When human owners see an image of their pet wearing the clothes of kings and queens, they brighten up, laugh in good spirits, and adore how cute their pets look.

 In the distant past, what can be considered as early pet portrait makers were cave-dwelling humans who painted themselves with their dogs and horses on the cave walls and early civilizations like the Egyptians who painted their royal cats in the pyramids of their rulers. In more recent history, pet portrait makers were commissioned by European royalty to paint them and their precious pets. 

The portraits of royal pets that survived until today became one of the foundations for the royalty pet portrait creation service. Read below as we discuss 6 famous royal pets that served as inspirations for royal pet portrait designs. 


Turi, Queen Victoria's Pomeranian

Queen VIctoria is considered to be one of the pioneers of the Pomeranian dog breed. The ancestors of Pomeranians were bigger, similar to their sled dog predecessors. But the queen wanted them to have a smaller size so she selected those with smaller stature and bred them. Turi was her favorite among the more than 35 Pomeranians she had. Turi accompanied her on her deathbed until she passed away.   


The Spaniels of King Charles II

As depicted in the painting, the spaniels of King Charles always accompanied him ever since these pets were young. The spaniels were very much endeared to the King that he made a proclamation to allow the pets to roam anywhere in his kingdom, even in government buildings. The dog breed King Charles spaniel is named after the king’s pets.


Caesar Of Notts, the Wire Fox Terrier of King Edward VII

Caesar of Notts was the name that King Edward VII gave to his Wire Fox Terrier. They were apparently inseparable. Caesar had a dog tag printed with: “I am Caesar, I belong to the King.” During King Edward’s funeral procession, his dog was observed to have peacefully followed his owner’s coffin.


Zemira, Catherine The Great's Italian Greyhound

Zemira was so loved by Catherine the Great that a portrait showing the two of them together was made in her honor. There is also a true-to-life size porcelain statue of Zemira which survives until today.


Mops, the Pug of Marie Antoinette

The infamous Queen Marie Antoinette had her pug since she was a teenager. When she was sent to France to marry King LOUIS XXVI??, she brough Mops with her. However, during the travel, a difficult crossing forced her to leave all of her things, as well as her pet. Fortunately, Mops was taken care of and sent to France once Marie Antoinette had settled in.

In the past, painters did not fully consider featuring the pets as the subject of their painting, not the least because the royalty are supposed to be the center pieces in the art work. At present, where we are living in a liberal and democratic society, our pets can now be the sole focus of a painting. And with the use of digital technology, we can provide you with highly accurate and realistic renditions of your pets that you will cherish for years and years. Click this page to see our collection of various royal pet designs.