Why Buying a Pet Portrait is an Enjoyable Experience

With various COVID-19 variants sprouting up and increasing the chances for repeat lockdowns and restrictions, holing up again in your house for months could become a real possibility. For some people, their way of coping up with this situation is to splurge in online shopping. Mindlessly buying things that you don’t really need is not advisable because it can seriously hurt your wallet. It’s better for you to focus on essentials like food stocks and then if you’re buying stuff for your hobbies, luxuries, or whatnot, make sure that the prices are kept in check. 

An “extracurricular” item that is worth your every penny is a pet portrait. For just $19.99, you get a really beautiful and durable work of art that will last for years. How many things can you buy at this price that can be considered a bang-for-your-buck? Even a box of pizza is much more expensive and is gone as quickly as you swallow it. With pet portraits, they’ll be with you for years and years.

a pet portrait showing a cat with gray and black stripes

Buying Pet Portraits Online Can Be A Meaningful Activity

You and your boyfriend are probably bored to death in your house. There’s nothing to see in social media aside from people who are fame whores and you must have already watched every movie and series on Netflix. If you’re looking for a meaningful activity to spend time with your boyfriend, you can try and look for pet portrait designs. Surprisingly, looking at all the cute and funny pet portrait designs can be a truly enjoyable experience as you imagine how your beloved animal will look in each design choice. As you explore your options, you would then be led into discussing plans with your boyfriend on where to put the pet portrait and how you can renovate your house in order to put up a pet gallery. 


Your Pet Will Feel Extra Special with a Portrait

Going into the process of buying pet portraits creates an inclusive experience for your pet whom you probably haven’t spent much time with in the months before the pandemic. This is your chance to make up for all the times you were too busy to do something special for your beloved animal. For all the times that your pet waited for you to come home, having a specially-made portrait can make up for all your absences.

Pets feel it when they are treasured and valued. They will reward you with lots of kisses, licks, and adorable bites. 

Pet Portrait Gallery

Because pet portraits are a super-cheap product, you have the opportunity to order multiple pieces especially if you have more than one pet. You can therefore create a mini-museum for your pets right at your own house. Every time you have guests, you can then tour them in your pet portrait gallery.

Alternatively, you can also choose to place a pet portrait in every part of your house. Because the personality of your pet is captured in the canvas, you can choose to place a fitting portrait that suits the mood of a particular home space. You can put the royal-looking portraits by the fireplace or main door. And the funny portraits can be put in the bedroom.  

It’s Much Cheaper and Safer Than Doing a Pet Photo Shoot

You’ve probably been thinking of a special thing to do for your pet. Maybe his birthday is coming soon. However, you’re probably in some sort of lockdown or travel restriction and so it can be difficult to take your pet to a special place. 

You do have the option to hire a photographer to do a photo shoot for your pet but it’s not really advisable. Everything now is about social distancing. There’s still a lot that we don’t know about the CORONA virus and a photographer might infect your pet with it or some other virus or bacteria.

Online buying of pet portraits allows you to have a safe space to do something really special for your pet while still maintaining safety protocols. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than paying a photographer by the hour which can cost as much as $200. With this price, you can order 10 different pet portrait designs.

pet portrait showing a black dog white a white spot on his nose