6 Reasons To Buy A Baby Portrait

Babies grow up so fast

Mothers know that babies grow up so quickly. A few months go by and babies look a lot different already. With all the things that go into taking care of a baby and managing a house, parents don’t have enough time to take professional-looking pictures and learn how to do digital photography on the computer. This is where e-painters are able to help you with their specialized and technical skills. You can just send them a picture of your baby and information about height and weight and e-painters will be able to come up with a life-sized portrait. If you want to see your baby’s life progress in the course of a year, you can have portraits made every 3 months and put up a gallery in your baby’s room. 


Personal Touch

Nowadays, you can easily take photographs and videos but you can’t assure your own self of the quality of your shots. You’re probably one of millions of people who have tons of amateur photos and videos on their phones that they don’t bother to look at because they don’t look special or there’s just too much of them.

Now when it comes to a portrait that you can hang in your room, the aesthetic effect is much more powerful. There’s just something special about a portrait. It’s more personal. It’s more intimate. And really, it’s much more convenient to look at compared to a photo that is either located in a deep folder or is lost in your phone or computer file system.  

The stillness in portraits allows you to zone in, and focus on all the beautiful memories that you can associate with them.

 portrait of a baby wearing blue green clothes

A Gift for your Friend

If you’re a friend to a woman who has just given birth, a baby portrait is a very fitting gift to give her. Pregnancy, giving birth, and taking care of a baby are very challenging experiences, and gestures of support go a long way in terms of helping your friend deal with the stress.

Your friend’s baby is one of her life achievements. It is a clear representation that your friend has reached key milestones in her life. Achievements are given tribute and proudly shown. This is one of the creative purposes of a baby portrait. 


They Can Form a Gallery

Because baby portraits are made by professional artists, the finished art looks like painted canvas. These works of art can be truly compared to the ones you see in an art museum. 

If you’re a mom who’s thinking of putting up your personal baby museum for your beloved little one, having a gallery of portraits showing the growth of your baby is an apt long-term project. You can do this for every baby that you have and eventually you’ll have a gallery of your children’s portraits in every part of their developmental stage as babies. This project is something worthy of investing your time and energy because eventually when your children grow up, the portraits will still exist and give them a concrete glimpse of who they were. 

 customized portrait of a baby with a pink background

Created By a Real Artist

E-painters make use of graphics technology to create stunning and highly realistic baby portraits. Even though they don’t make use of a traditional brush and canvas, their work is still strongly-rooted in principles of aesthetics, symmetry, and harmony. The notion that e-painters have it easy because they’re just doing “cut” and “paste” shows a lack of understanding of digital art. 

Digital painting is a legit form of art. Just as most people can’t be considered as professional photographers even though they have a camera on their phones, most people won’t be able to do the things that digital artists are doing on the computer. It’s not Microsoft Paint. It requires education and a ton of skill. 

You can rest assured that the finished product you will be getting from e-painters is a work of art. They work hard to produce it with the use of their talents and you will see for yourself that professional-grade work will be touching your hands.  You might even end up putting your baby’s portrait at your work office because of how sleek it’s gonna look. 



Baby portraits are completely customizable from the first step down to the last step. Because computer technology is used in conceptualizing the product, you can visualize how the portrait will look without doing the manual work of actually painting it. You can choose the frame color and background color and the e-painter will show a sample picture. If you like it, then you can have the portrait done. If you happen to change your mind, you can just tell the e-painter which color combinations you want to see and then another sample picture will be shown to you. 

This ease in the process can’t really be done with manual portrait painting because you would have to wait for hours for the painter to finish his work.   

So e-painting is actually a faster process and allows you to make adjustments if ever you change your mind when it comes to the features that you want for the portrait.