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Turn your pets into the royalty that they are with this renaissance pet portrait! These monarchy pet portraits are perfect for your home or as a gift to any pet lover that you know! Make your pets look regal with this personalized pet portrait now!
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Top Royalty Pet Portraits of 2021

Remember those cartoons you watched when you were a kid that showed all kinds of animals wearing human attire? Whether it was a cartoon film set in medieval or renaissance Europe, there were always some sort of golden retriever knights, cat princes, messenger rabbits, bulldog generals, lion kings, and dalmatian queens. 

Watching animals wearing well-designed outfits in an adventure film had to be a fun experience but you gotta admit, they also looked pretty awesome in royalty and military attire.

Now you have the opportunity to relive your childhood experience with the assistance of your own pets! Select from any of our royalty pet portrait designs and get your pet featured in it. 

The portraits are designed by our artists to have a classical look so your pet is definitely gonna look dashing as if he really was part of an animated film. 

Royalty Bunny Pet Portrait


Bunnies are cute and non-noisy pets. If there’s a pet that undoubtedly deserves a royal makeover and be commemorated through an animal portrait, bunnies would be on top of the list. Your pet bunny will look like a real gentleman in this design. 

Regal Dog Pet Portrait


Dogs are confident, highly-intelligent, and sociable pets. Dogs also have different types of beautiful colors and fur patterns. These characteristics make them look so cool when they are made to look like they’re wearing monarch uniforms. 

Personalized Regal Pet Portrait for Dogs


Take a shot of your dog while he’s in an angry mood and what you get is a personalized portrait of your dog. With your dog’s unique physical appearance and facial expression showing in the image, you can readily take ownership of the work of art. 

Funny Pet Monarch Portrait


Our pets are such playful creatures that they often exhibit facial expressions and body languages that make us burst into laughter. If you happen to be taking a video of your pet and she suddenly makes an adorably funny facial expression, that can be turned into a portrait which will always brighten up your day.