Why Buying Baby Portraits Should be Part of Your Pandemic Activities

Baby Portraits as Long-Term Projects

Quarantines, lockdowns, and other restrictions have become a defining part of human life in the past year. They are necessary but still cumbersome. Being told to stay in your home 24/7 is a major cause of boredom to so many people.

This is where having baby portraits can be an awesome project during the pandemic. With so many choices to choose from with painting style, background colors, and portrait size, you’d be able to spend quality hours conceptualizing how your customized baby portrait idea will fit in every part of your house. Instead of hiring an expensive interior designer, you can actually use all the pandemic hours to work with your spouse in featuring your baby in your house. Home renovations therefore become a much more enjoyable activity with your family.


Buying a Baby Portrait is a Safe Activity 

Probably one of the best features of the baby portrait industry is the safety that you get from it. It’s practically a contactless transaction because you put it in all your specifications for your online order. We then receive your order, create the actual portrait, and deliver it to your house. 

This level of safety cannot be achieved with a face-to-face interaction such as a baby pictorial. It would be almost impossible for photographers to take a photo shoot on an online call so you are forced to meet up with them in person. This is where the risk presents itself because what if the photographer is infected with COVID-19 and you’re not aware of it? You could require a negative COVID test result or vaccination card from your photographer but here the experience becomes even more hassling. Compare this to buying a baby portrait online whereby you just make a few clicks on your phone and you’re good to go. 

Right now during the pandemic, you wouldn’t want to expose your baby to other people. Buying baby portraits affords you a high level of protection and ease. 

Baby Portraits Look Good Anywhere in the House

Baby portraits are one of few memorabilia/design materials that are really versatile. You can stick them on the wall or ceiling of your bedroom to always have something inspirational to look at while you’re hugging your spouse. You can place them by the stairs to lighten up your morning when you’ve just woken up. You can have it posted in your kitchen to make it a more cozy family space. And you can even place at the bathroom to add a really aesthetic touch to an otherwise blunt part of your house.