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Top Pet Portraits of 2021

Most of the time, those who get to be put in portraits are important personalities. Politicians. Heroes. Military leaders. Royalties.

So why make a portrait for pets? In a pet owner’s own little world and life history, pets have done multiple acts of heroism and genuine compassion for their owners. They are loyal and unselfish creatures that everyday, wait patiently for their humans to come home from work and take them for a walk. 

They serve as best friends. Siblings. Exercise buddies. And even therapists for  those who are stressed out. 

For all the good acts that pets have done for humanity, they deserve every  right to be placed on awesome-looking portraits. Read on as we present to you the top pet portraits of 2021.

Personalized Pet Portrait for Dogs


If you can’t have enough of your beloved pet and you want to see more of his pictures plastered on the walls of your house, then go ahead and choose this design. Here you are given complete customization options when it comes to canvas size, frame color, background color, font style, and font color.

Funny Personalized Pet Portrait


Your pet’s silly and humorous facial expressions can be well-preserved in a portrait. You can even take your pet’s funny portrait to your workplace so you can have something to cheer you up when you’re feeling bored with work. 

Mugshot Pet Portrait


Almost all dog owners have a pet dog who has made it his life mission to dig craters in the garden. Hang your mischievous pet dog’s portrait at your office and you’ll have an instant stress reliever. 

Royal Dog Pet Portrait


Pets are pampered and groomed, much so like blue-blooded kings and queens in the earlier phases of human history. Pets really do look noble in images where they are wearing clothes for the royalty.